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You have a stylish iPhone which is special but when it is charging time, tangled wire of your charger ruin the specialty by forcing you to make hassle of plugging & unplugging!

Well, time changed! It’s the era of wireless charging! You can use wireless charger for your iPhone 4, 5 & all of the latest versions. iPhone supports wireless charging but it doesn’t have a built-in capability yet but thanks to the improved technology which makes it possible! You need to have an extra accessory called “receiver” with the charging pad.

Most of the other brands only support Qi inductive charging technology but iPhone supports Powermat as well as Qi inductive too.

To use Powermat:

To use Powermat you need buy a Wireless charging pad from Duracell, it is the only manufacturer currently producing Powermat charging pad. You also need to buy a wireless-charging case as receiver, which is sold separately. Duracell Powermat is easy to use, lightweight & compact. It can charge up to three devices at a time & its charging time are a fast as the traditional conductive chargers.

Just pull the back cover & put the wireless charging back-case. Plug the Duracell Powermat with a power outlet, place your iPhone on it & charging begins!

For Qi Inductive:

If you would like to use a Qi wireless charger for your iPhone, you need to by a Qi enabled charger & fortunately there are lots of high quality brands available in market. Instead of back-case like Powermat, you need to buy a wireless charging receiver for you iPhone. It is very thin piece of film that will be able to convert electromagnetic fields into electricity into your battery & it will fit between your battery and your back cover.

Simply pull the back cover of your iPhone, place the wireless charging receiver properly & put your back cover again. That’s it; your special iPhone is ready to be charged specially!

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