Gear up your devices with wireless charger!

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wireless charger can allow you to charge your device without forcing you to plug the device into an outlet with a charging cord.

Easy to use

Why should you buy a wireless charger?

It is a matter of convenience because you can charge your Smartphone or your tablet without all the hassle involved in having cords and chargers scattered all over the place!

tylt-vu wireless charger

One for All

It might be your Smartphone, Tablet or E-book reader, you can charge all of you wireless charging compatible devices with a single wireless charger!

Wireless Charger

Are your devices compatible for wireless charging?

There are some devices which already have built-in wireless charging capability & some need a special wireless charging back cover.

Samsung Wireless charger back cover

Or a charging ring to make them compatible.

Popular Smartphones that support wireless charging include:

• Google Nexus 4 to Nexus 9
• Samsung Galaxy S4
• Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820
• HTC Droid DNA
• Apple iPhone 5

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Nexus wireless Charger
Nokia wireless charging
powermat & qi chargers

There are currently three standards for wireless charging adaptors: Qi Inductive, PMA (Power Matter Alliance) Powermat, and A4WP (Alliance for Wireless Power). Most of the Smartphones support Qi wireless charging except Apple’s iPhone 5 which supports Powermat wireless charging. If you buy a Qi wireless charger you can charge all of your Qi compatible phones with a single charger. That means wireless chargers are supposed to work with all certified Smartphones supporting the same standard!

Major Brands:

There are a number of major manufactures which are producing high quality wireless charger. Duracell Powermat is compatible to use with Apple’s iPhoneNexus Wireless Charger supports all Qi enabled devices. Currently Smartphones & Tabs from different brands like Samsung, Lumia, MotorolaHTC LG are Qi enabled. So you can buy any Qi wireless charger for your devices of these particular brands. If you do not have a phone with built-in capability, you need to buy a separate wireless charging case.
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Rooms for improvements!

As wireless charging is relatively a new technology, it has lots of rooms for improvements. Sometimes it creates heat & charging becomes slow. Charging pads & Adapters are little bit expensive than traditional conductive chargers. Also the device needs to be placed on the charging mat, it cannot be moved around as it is with direct contact charger with wire. But manufacturers are coming close to launch new improvements so that charging will be possible within little distance. The limitations are overshadowed by the advantages of wireless charging, and this is the reason more and more people are going ahead to buy at least one wireless charger.