Pros & Cons of Wireless (Wi-Fi) Speakers

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If you are an audiophile or simply a connoisseur of music and movies, you will need good speakers. High-quality speakers will make you listen to sound more fun. Especially with the Wireless speaker, you can enjoy audio by connecting it with various other devices. Speakers with a Wi-Fi connection have a more stable sound and are of higher quality. Many well-known speaker brands are launching wi-fi speakers as their flagship product. Well, if you are interested in having wi-fi speakers, before that, you have to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these speakers.

Pros of using a wi-fi speaker
  1. No Need for Cables
    Wireless technology
    is a wireless technology, which means that it does not require cables in its use. So far, the use of wires is less practical and makes it difficult for some people. Besides, in terms of aesthetics, a speaker that uses wire is less comfortable to carry around and impractical, especially, if the owner doesn’t tidy up the wire. Using no cables,
  2. Suitable in various Mobile and Electronic devices
    Another advantage of wireless technology is that it is compatible and flexible if you pair it with a mobile device or other electronic devices. In general, the term wireless refers to devices such as computers and laptops. However, nowadays, wireless technology is commonplace for you to find communication devices such as smartphones and tablets. Even some other electronic devices have also used this wireless method, such as headsets and microphones.
  3. Have a consistent data transfer speed
    Today’s sophisticated network technology supports data transfer rates in wireless technology. Most people who have used this technology consider that the data transfer speed by wireless is more stable than cable technology. You can boost the signal in wireless technology via an antenna or other signal booster. So you don’t need to doubt the speed and signal of the device with a wi-fi connection.
  4. Can be used for a broader network
    Wireless technology can reach a wider area. Unlike the cable network that requires a large number of cables if you want to build a broader network. The wi-fi network can even connect you all over the place easily.
Disadvantages of Wireless Technology
  1. Expensive costs
    Although wireless technology can reduce cable costs, in use, you will need a lot of money. You will need a stable internet connection and hardware that supports wireless features. Although it seems that a device with Wi-fi is more practical, to use it you will need additional fees for internet connection.
  2. Bad Weather
    Although convenient, in transmitting signals, wireless technology is still affected by current weather conditions. The Wi-fi/wireless networks use the air as a medium for transmitting data. Therefore, if the weather is bad, the data transmission process will also experience interference. Also, the number of bulkheads or thick walls will affect the data transmission signal. If you are in a place that has thick walls, don’t be surprised if the existing wireless network will deteriorate.

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