Wireless Charging Technology A4WP

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The Alliance for Wireless Power uses a technology called Rezence transfer, based on MRI, which is basically the charge opposite magnetic induction used by competitors. Rezence is aimed as wireless charging technology “next generation.” MRI is oriented to allow the best possible range through layers (such as through materials such as books, clothing), the distances ranging from a few feet to several devices, and the operation in the presence of other metal objects A4WP calls in situations of “real world” (kitchen appliances, keys, etc.).

Rezence seeks to leverage the hardware requirements for the production of short-range communication, Bluetooth 4.0 existing particularly in seeking “smart recharge areas” and minimized. As it is now, A4WP is really a specification, not a rule, as a standards organization not recognized A4WP for regional acceptance.

Of the three, A4WP is the weakest, despite the accession of companies like Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, LG, HTC, Samsung, and Deutsche Telekom, to name a few from a list of around 100 companies. A4WP applications that are more commercial in nature, where the products are then widespread consumer to use. It is very unlikely we will see any smartphone with wireless charging using this specification. That would explain why A4WP agreed to merge their cargo Matters power specification of the Covenant.

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