How to take better images in low light

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Camera Shutter speed

It is important to understand how exposure works to take better pictures in different lighting conditions. The shutter speed is also part of the exhibition, and the use of faster shutter speed increases the chance of reproducing the sharpest image. Indeed, the shutter is open for the shortest period of time at least the light reaches the sensor. However, low emission of light go slower shutter speeds and adjust other measuring exposure settings for better image reproduction.

Wider aperture

To capture more light, you need to open the aperture (or opening) of the lens to its maximum value, which is the smallest number ‘f-stop. ” Amateur photographers can use the priority mode is open on most cameras, then select the smallest number f of the camera lens can achieve. In addition, when using a smart phone, it can not prevent smartphone cameras come with fixed openings. For long exposure taken, make sure to set a smaller aperture to avoid blowing on stage.

Camera Focus

Always try to manually adjust the focus when taking pictures in low light. Today, cameras are equipped with AF illuminator, which is a feature that launches a short burst of light to enable the objective of good focus before taking the picture. If you do not have this feature, you can use the LED light of your smartphone to illuminate the object of better photography.


we recommend using a tripod or monopod, as it prevents the movement of the camera while the shutter is open. the stability of the camera plays a very important role when taking pictures of long exposure.

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