How to Choose the Right Wireless Charger for Your Smartphone?

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Wireless charging for smartphones is really the greatest savior of all time. The users will just need to put their phone on the pad, then the battery will start charging. There is no cable to connect from the smartphone to the charger. There will be no fuss or hassle.

Smartphones and other devices that support wireless charging will ease their users in charging because they just need to be placed at the right spot. If this easiness is what you want to attain, then it is the right time to look for the best wireless charger for your smartphone. Choosing the right wireless charger for your smartphone is not as easy as using it. But here are the factors you can consider to ease you when searching the right smartphone wireless charger in the market.

The “Qi” Standards

The wireless charging methods are a wide array. But if you are Android or iOS devices users, the most common wireless standard is Qi. Qi standard is the most common charging standard which is used by popular brands like Samsung and Apple. It is safe to assume that most of the Android mobile devices are also compatible with the Qi standard.

The popular brands come with the Qi Standardized Wireless Charger Units that are equipped with the overcharge and over-voltage protections. In a nutshell, Qi standardized wireless charger is a top-notch option for most users.

How powerful is the wireless charger you need?

The other important factor to choose the best wireless charger is by checking on the power output or wattage.

Wireless chargers output can be different from one model to another. The power output can range from 5 to 10 watts. For instance, the most recent iPhone X series supports 7.5 W.

Android devices like Note 9 have fast charging support so they can support up to 10W.

The wireless charging units from reputable and trustworthy brands mostly come with the adapters and cables in bundles so that you can use it directly after unboxing your package. The high-end phone brand like Samsung can be charged using a lower wattage charger. But the lower wattage charger charges slower. If you are looking for a future-proof solution, picking the wireless chargers with bigger power output will be a great idea. The bigger the output power of a wireless charger, the faster it will charge. It leads us to the next point.

The charging speed

For some people, time is money. Unless you have charged your phone overnight, you don’t want to waste your time waiting until it gets fully charged so that you can use it again for your productivity.

When it comes to charging speeds, you won’t find that kind of accurate information from most models. But rest assured that the wattage can be the indication of the charging speed. The rule is simple. The higher the wattage of a wireless charger, the faster the speed of charging. As mentioned the most common wattages provided in common wireless charger models are from 5-10 watts. so, you will want to pick 10 watts of power for faster charging. But it will also depend on the models of your smartphones and its original adapters. Pay attention to the original charger output of your phone. The output should be 5volts.

Design and types of stand

When you browse around the market, you will find different types of wireless chargers based on their sizes, shapes, and design. Some designs might have a pad with a circular shape. Some may have stand designs that allow you to make video calls while charging. Choosing the design of the wireless charger will be up to your personal preferences. Qi charger is once again the standard that you will want to focus on when choosing the charger for you because it can easily work while the case of your phone is still attached. Keep in mind that the thickness is maxed 3mm though.


Pad wireless chargers are the most common design of the wireless charger. These come with the oval pads or circular pads that you can lay your smartphone on top of to start the charging.

A wireless charger pad is fail-proof in both fashion and function. You can find a lot of cool designs for iOS and Android devices. The top brands usually include the wireless charge pad with the adapter and cable in the bundle. There are also models that come with dual pads to cater to more than one device. You can place a pad wireless charger at the bedside, on your dining table, or any other medium.

wireless charging Pad


Mat wireless charger is basically the same as a pad but the shape is not necessarily circular or round. While there is a single pad wireless charger, a mat wireless charger tends to be slated as the multi-device wireless charger type. If you have multiple devices that you want to charge at the same time, getting the mat wireless charger does not hurt at all. The mat wireless chargers can accommodate the charging for your phone, watch, and other devices in one place.

wireless charging Mat


Stand wireless charger, as the name suggests, comes in the standing mode. It holds your phone upright so that you can make video calls easily, see the message or notification, or watch your favorite TV shows while charging. In this case, charging your smartphone does not have to enforce you leaving them be. You can still use your smartphone while charging it.

Some models come with an adjustable angle for portrait or landscape. Some branded models even come with multiple angles to suit your preferences. A charging stand is a top choice for productive people or users who can’t leave their phones for various reasons.

wireless charging stand


The points mentioned above are proven to be accurate in helping the users to narrow down their list of wireless charger models. If you have multiple choices at hand. You won’t need to worry. Just go back to this article and read the points through again. It should be easier to decide by then.

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