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Full Specification

Price $22.99
Dimensions 92*92*9mm
Charging indicator Yes
Charger input voltage DC 5V/1000mA to 2000mA
Frequency : 100 to 200 KHz
Charging indicator Yes
Package Include Wireless Charger
1 x user manual

With its slim, sleek, lightweight design this charger, you can literally put it anywhere and looks great. Keep one in your room night costs and keep your office to recharge while working.

This remarkable charger eliminates the need to fumble with the child and take 20 attempts to connect the charger correctly to your mobile phone. Simply plug the charger into a power outlet and put the phone in the “table” to begin charging. When the phone is fully charged simply remove the “table”.

“CHOETECH T511Qi Wireless Charging Pad Installation Video”

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