5 things you should consider before buying a Power Bank

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1. Size:

Power banks are small enough to fit in your purse, wallet and in some cases your pocket. The smaller is better for portability, the greater may be more important when it comes to capacity. The power of the Bank’s capacity is measured in “milli-amp” (mah) and models from a 2,000mAh 20,000mAh. For practical reasons, the recovery of an iPhone 5 needs a capacity of about 1600 mAh, so if you want to load once, you could buy a Powerbank with a capacity of 1600 mAh. To load twice Powerbank be necessary with a capacity of about 3,200mah or more.

2. Battery Quality:

Everything is good to have a significant mah battery capacity but the quality of the construction of battery is less, then you will be disappointed. A bad battery discharges rapidly with time and is a serious threat to the lives of the difference between the products. Sprout Powerbanks use a Samsung battery of high quality that will keep you full of more reliable that the next cup of coffee is considering energy.

3.Multiple devices:

Capacity is also important if you want to charge multiple devices. In this case, you must combine the strengths of each battery from the device and make sure you get enough capacity to carry all of Powerbank. To download more than one device at a time, also want a Powerbank with several ports.


Powerbanks can be loaded using embedded or USB cable. Sprout POWERBANK Packs available include a Micro USB to USB Cable to charge and all you need to load the device is a USB cable with the appropriate connector.

5. Charge time:

The amount of time it takes to load your Powerbank depend on their ability. The smaller capacity, the less time it will take to load. If your basic need is to have a full charge of your smartphone Powerbank and a smaller capacity Powerbank be enough.

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