5 Important things to consider before buying a wireless headphone

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The growth of technology especially in multimedia and communication is inevitable and at the same time absolutely profitable. In terms of wireless technology, we are blessed with 5G, 6G, Bluetooth, Infrared and Wi-Fi, giving us a quite wide range of wireless connection options.

Wireless headphones are examples of how wireless technology has made our life more convenient and more functional. They allow engaging music experience while giving us freedom to move around, thanks to the most sophisticated Bluetooth version, noise isolation, suppression technology and many more. We can freely move around at the gym and do errands with no wire dangling around and exposing us to annoying distractions or even dangerous incidents. Moreover, wireless headphone technology now allows you to do many more than solely listening to music. Their features now make you able to make and receive phone calls. Another plus value from wireless headphones is that they are more durable than traditional ones because the absence of wire means there will not be any bent, cut, or broken wire which will disturb your activities.

However, in order to get the best experience you can get from wireless headphones, there are some factors you should consider before you buy them.

  1. The sound quality

You must consider the quality of the sound your headphones can produce. Nowadays, listening to music is not the only audio experience you can get from your gadgets: you can watch movies, listen to podcasts, and even listen to lecturers. That is why audio quality is very important.

Traditionally, wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology to connect to gadgets. Bluetooth connection, however, is never meant to be used to transmit high quality audio, resulting in worse quality of the sound than it originally is. Fortunately, a lot of wireless headphones today feature aptX technology. This allows the audio being transmitted to be compressed in a way similar to that they do for CDs, so the sound produced by wireless can be as clear as it should be. In order to get this quality of sound, you need both the headphones and the connecting device to feature aptX technology.

  1. The design Form, comfort, and size

It is very important for you to look at the design when you choose a pair of headphones. When you use headphones for hours in a day, you want to wear them with comfort. You have to make sure that the design and the size of the headphones fit you well. You do not want them to be so big that they slip off as you move around, yet you should not buy ones which are so small that they will give you a headache when you wear them for a long time.

There are two options for headphones: on-ear headphones and over-ear headphones. On-ear headphones are smaller than over-ear headphones making the earlier more portable than the latter. However, over-ear headphones cover your ears perfectly, sealing them from the noise around you, thus allowing you to enjoy better sound quality. Anyway, you might want to consider wearing it for a limited period of time since it can be a bit overwhelming for your ears. Overall, it is the comfort and convenience of wireless headphones that you are looking for.

  1. The controls

The control buttons such as those to control volume, play, and pause for headphones are traditionally attached on the wire, but they are, obviously, located differently on wireless headphones. Most of them feature the controls on the earpieces themselves, and they can be easily spotted because of the protruding buttons or neatly hidden because of the touch controls. Meanwhile, some wireless headphones can also be controlled by voice command or by apps.

When you choose your wireless headphones, consider the design of the controls with your needs. Some manufacturers choose the design out of style preference only, but you can actually choose them based on the functionality. For example, if your purpose of using wireless headphones is to use them to listen to music while you exercise, you might want to buy a pair with protruding buttons. If you have a pair with touch control, you will probably change the control accidentally when you move around while exercising.

  1. The battery life

This might be something traditional headphone users not familiar with: battery for your headphones. Every electronic device that does not have wire has batteries, obviously, and your wireless headphones will work as long as the battery works. Thus, battery life is an essential concern.

The good news is that wireless headphones have way longer battery life than wireless earphones. While wireless earphones will stand for around a few hours only, wireless headphones can be used for at least 8 hours to at most 38 hours without needing a recharge. This convenience of not having to worry about recharging does come with an extra price, but it is a worthy investment.

In terms of charging time, the advancement of technology has allowed you to enjoy the quick charge feature. With only 5 minutes charging time, this feature can give you up to 2 hours battery life. However, as this technology costs a lot in the production process, you should put in mind that you may have to pay for a higher price or you may have to accept the possibility that the manufacturer might give up other features to make it more affordable.

  1. The price

That brings us to the last factor to consider before you buy wireless headphones: the price. For some people, this might be what they will see first. Budgeting is important, and knowing how much you are willing to pay for your headphones is also essential. The common sense works like: if you want to get more, you should give more.

Evidently, the most sophisticated features and technology will give you the best audio experience using wireless headphones, but they will also cost you quite a lot of money. However, if you have a limited budget, you can still enjoy the features they have in wireless headphones as long as you choose your pair wisely.

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