Sony Launched A New Bluetooth Speaker BSP10

Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP10

Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP10

With BSP10 Bluetooth speakers, Sony makes another step forward towards making wireless charging accessories. Let’s see how their approach to it is compared with current products of the market.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP10 covers the room with music booming through its 360 degree speaker. It can be a little loud, but being loud is much better than not being loud enough. Besides playing music, you can also use it as a speaker, as it also has its own microphone for people to join the conversation too.

It is a bit heavy at 300g for a portable speaker, but that is due to its built-in battery. Though it does not indicated what the battery capacity is, but we can assume it is pretty big, as it offers seven hours of music playback or 400 hours in stand-by.

You can start with the Sony BSP 10 only by touching at the head of the device and it will syncronize through NFC speaker. If you do not have an NFC-enabled device, pairing it by finding with Bluetooth will work just as well.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker BSP10

Another fascinating feature BSP10 includes is wireless charging. You can use a micro-USB port for charging, or choose a more convenient way and make use of a wireless charger. Put it on a wireless charging pad and it will start charging.

It is available in black or white and is in the Sony website for £ 79.99. Go ahead and see for yourself if it goes with your taste and style!