How to use wireless charging to any device?


Usually high end devices come up with built-in wireless charging facility but you can still use wireless charging to any device that can charge through a micro-USB! What you need is a wireless charging receiver back cover or back case.

Before buying a wireless charging receiver do not forget to check the position of your micro-USB. Otherwise you may buy a receiver with the plug on the wrong side of your device! If such happens, still it can be used but you may have to bend it & it is definitely a hassle.

Wireless charging with a receiver is little bit slow compared to traditional conductive charging. But this is worth to sacrifice with such a cool factor & convenience you will add to your devices.

After arranging all, just plug the wireless charging receiver to the micro-USB & stick it to the back of your device. Try to position the receiver on the center of your device to ensure best alignment.

After placing properly, just put the back cover or case of your device & it’s done! Plug your wireless charger or charging pad into a power outlet & place your device on it. Charging started!

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