Guidence to Add Wireless Charging to Any Device


The wireless charging for high-end phones has been available for quite a while. Although it has been getting traction, but it is still not equivalent to the current standard of charging and is not available in a variety of phones. There are other alternatives for instance a rear cover with a wireless charging receiver built-in, or a phone case that functions as a wireless charging receiver. Some phones may not offer these options, but does it mean you will never have wireless charging? Of course not! We are here to assist you get wireless charging available for your devices.

Qi Wireless Charging

Things required:

Back Cover or Phone Case
Universal Wireless Charging Receiver
Any device that can be charged via a micro-USB

Preparing the Back Cover or Phone Case

If you have a rear metal plate as the HTC One M8, you can get the phone case instead. This is necessary because the wireless charging receiver does not look nice on the back of the phone. Covering your phone up can give you a nice view of the device. There may be a small lump on the case, but it should not be so much, as the receiver is very slight.

Wireless charger receiver

Preparing the Wireless Charging Receiver

Before buying the universal wireless charging receiver, check your device and the position of the micro-USB. You do would not like to get a wireless charging receiver with the plug on the wrong side of the phone. If ever you have the wrong one, you still can use it, but trying to alter a very short cable could be annoying.

Another thing to consider is the position of the micro-USB. This is for making it easy-to-use, either with the narrow side up or down. Just choose the right one for your device.

It will be charging at only 500mA, which means that the phone will be charging slowly. This is a sacrifice you exchange for more comfort and some cool features. If you have the free time for instance at night, this would not be a problem indeed.

After collecting all the necessary things, just plug the wireless charging receiver in the micro-USB port and attach it to the back of the device. Try your best to get the center of the coil aligned with the center of the phone to reduce trouble with trying to align it to the wireless charger. If you do this on a tablet, you can only reach the spool closest to the micro-USB port side, so I would not recommend it to tablets.

If it is placed appropriately, just cover it up with the case or back cover and you’re done! Try it with any Qi wireless charger to see if it works well and take pleasure in wireless charging!