Air Dock 2.0 Has Arrived With New Features And More Options To Mount


From the people behind Air Dock, the wireless charger for mobile devices that can be mounted on the windshield of your car is the second version of this device suitable for travel. This new facility for the conserved Air Dock – called the Air Dock 2.0, comes with new features and offers more mounting options that make it more flexible than it already is. Air Dock 2.0 is now available for crowdfunding in IndieGoGo.

For starters, Qi wireless charging technology is used in Air Dock as a connection of energy to charge the smartphone from the mounted dock. To connect your smartphone to the dock, all you have to do is set it so that the back of the phone is in contact with the surface of the dock. The phone then sticks to the dock and stays there. This is possible due to the nano suction foam attached to the dock’s surface. This is actually a pact producer for those who think wires are too messy and clips are not so consistent.

Air Dock

Air Dock 2.0 add more options to mount the Air Dock in your car. Of course, there is the standard way to do this, one where you just set one end on a flat surface, such as your car windshield. Another is that the Air Dock adheres to textured surfaces, and the third option lets you connect the dock to the smooth surfaces that comes with a flexible rod that you can bend to suit your preferences. For those who do not actually use their CD players, the fourth mount has a flat part that can be attached to the CD player’s slot, leaving the dock to stick out of it.


Besides additional mounting options, other enhancements found in the Air Dock 2.0, the new Qi transmiter, that provides more charging range for the benefit of those with thicker smartphone cases, a built-in NFC chip by which you can trigger events on your mobile device when docked, and other hardware upgradings such as relocating the USB port and a thinner design.

airdock Car

As of now, there are 42 days left in IndieGoGo campaign of Air Dock 2.0 with a goal of $85,000. Estimated delivery time for Early Bird contributors is on February 2015. In order to share this wireless charging car dock, have a look on their campaign page via IndieGoGo!

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