5 simple way to speed up your android device!


Delete and disable unnecessary apps:
We downloaded applications without us even thinking about it. After some testing, we realized that they are not good, and it is normal for these applications simply forget and let them roam the app drawer. This is good when you have a lot of storage, but some may have to save this precious space. Not to mention, this software runs in the background at times. Applications are definitely not used hogs resources, so just get rid of them! You can do this, the application manager in the configuration, or by long pressing applications in your drawer and dragging them to the “Uninstall” section.

Clear the cache data:

don’t know what is stored in the data cache memory? Well, it’s a good thing to have it, because it really speeds up your device. To store some data locally, the system can reduce loading times and to avoid the need to collect the same bits of the Internet every time you enter a web site or application.

simple way to speed up your android device!

The point is that the cache can build up and become very heavy in the internal storage on your smartphone. Try cleaning from time to time, as it can also age. The option is available for individual applications through the Application Manager, or you can find an application cache cleaning in Google Play Store.

Get rid of widgets!

The widgets are very cool, but it can be enormous resources hogs and slow down your device. These windows are constantly bringing information and data for updates. Try to limit the use of your widget as much as possible. Of course, not sacrifice all your experience, either; After all, the widgets are some of the best things about the offers of the Android OS. It must be limited to what is really going to enjoy.

Dump the live wallpaper:

And here is another impressive feature that Android is not exactly the best in maintaining its clean and smooth smartphone. Animated wallpapers for sure is fun, but affect the life and performance of the battery. Unless you are willing to sacrifice some of these fancy animations, just go get a softer image.